2023 Conference Programme

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Network Detection & Response (NDR) as Part of a Modern Cyber Architecture

10 May 2023

Cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication. Beyond a certain point, investments in prevention technologies show diminishing returns. Therefore, organizations look to add strong detection and response capabilities to identify threats and respond before they turn into breaches.


NDR is essential to close blind spots in the Cyber Architecture of a company. It reduces the risk of breaches and helps the enterprise by focusing on network security monitoring using Machine Learning and AI by finding Malware, Zero Day vulnerabilities and other risks without having the need to consistently write use cases. Exeon and ENBW Cyber Security GmbH will demonstrate in different Use Case Scenarios why NDR should be part of any new modern cyber architecture and the benefits of the solution combined with Managed Services.

The CISO, Network Administration and SOC requirements will be showcased with corresponding benefits to using it.

The Swiss based NDR vendor Exeon has built the next-generation NDR solution which fits in the requirements by using local datastorage, lightweight log data as well as ML and AI.

Michael Tullius, Sales Director Germany - Exeon Analytics AG
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