2023 Conference Programme

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The greatest danger to our personal privacy and security online, is us. How you can protect your social media and at the same time stop helping cyber criminals.

11 May 2023

It is likely the biggest cyber risk your business faces today is social media. Social Media has become the "tip of the spear" for cyber criminals. In this digital age your business needs the benefits of social media, but using social media also increases cyber security risks. We will discuss how some cyber criminals "mis"use "legitimate" social media (ie Telegram) to conduct illegal activities on the same platforms your employess and business use. Also we will discuss how your business can securely use social media and avoid or mitigate phishing, damage to the business´s reputation, privacy being compromised, and social engineering attacks targeting your customers and employees.

Frank Satterwhite, Principal Cyber Security Consultant - 1600 Cyber GmbH
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