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Christian Gorke

Christian Gorke

Head of Cyber Center of Excellence, Commerzbank AG
Christian Gorke studied mathematics with computer science and graduated as Master of Science in 2013. As part of his subsequent doctoral studies, he conducted research in the areas of cloud security, mobile security, web security, applied IT security, and fully homomorphic encryption as well as taught in the fields of computer science, mathematics, cryptography, and security. This has resulted in multiple research paper publications at high-level cryptography conferences, patents, international lectures, and book chapters. He moved to Commerzbank AG in 2019 and is heading the Cyber Center of Excellence since 2020. His team focuses on public cloud, security, and data protection with the aim of enabling secure and scalable cloud use. He designed and established many standards and products such as an invisible security solution, Minimal Footprint Principle, cloud security policy, zero trust architecture, or use case journey. In addition, Christian is a moderator of the European Cloud User Coalition, focusing on security topics.

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